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Gold Pendant of a Shaman Surrounded by Serpent Heads - FJ.6151
Origin: Costa Rica/Panama
Circa: 500 AD to 1550 AD
Dimensions: 4.25" (10.8cm) high
Catalogue: V22
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: 273.5 grams. Trudy, withdrawn

Location: United States
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Swirling with cosmic energy from a time and place which resonated in harmony with the laws of the universe, this priceless treasure seduces our minds and emotions with unparalleled intensity. Is it admiration or wonder which sends us into a whirlwind of excitement when faced with such powerful forces of artistic ingenuity and enigmatic supernatural imagery? The transformation from the mundane to the supernatural is readily apparent in view of the large serpent heads terminating from long braided bodies glistening in gold. The serpents magically burst forth from the left and right sides of the shaman's ears, mouth and legs creating a sensational symmetrical dimension. Beautiful coils of gold surround the serpents' triangular heads. Beneath a magnificent headdress of four harpy eagle heads with large hooked beaks, the shaman peers out at us with a ferocious penetrating glace. His mouth is widely distorted as he fearlessly clenches onto the serpent's body. Both bands seize the serpent below the heads in a moment of glory and fury which the artist bas captured in gold for eternity. The shaman bas a special decoration crossing his hips above his prominent genitalia. The entire composition is framed on the top and bottom with wide bands of gold. The whir1wind of excitement which we felt in the beginning may have now exalted into a tempest of capture while we silently contemplate the enormous amount of creativity and philosophy which was required to create this exceptional work of art.....trudy - (FJ.6151)


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