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HOME : Pre-Columbian Art : Archive : Pre-Columbian Art / Diquis Gold Pectoral Featuring a Man and a Woman
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Pre-Columbian Art / Diquis Gold Pectoral Featuring a Man and a Woman - FJ.6232
Origin: Costa Rica/Panama
Circa: 500 AD to 1550 AD

Catalogue: V23
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: sold 270 grams

Location: United States
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One of the most sublime pleasures in life is discovering an object which literally takes one's breath away. At such a moment the hectic world is silenced, and you are left alone with something beyond comprehension and inexplicably beautiful. This gorgeous pectoral has that unique power to completely captivate the viewer and hold one entranced. We see here two figures, male and female, standing proud within a framework of wonderful ornamentation. The style of this pectoral is known as Carbonera and is characterized by a central composition enclosed in a square frame. The upper and lower horizontal bands are slightly curved in the style typical of Diquis goldsmiths. They are connected by two vertical bands made to resemble woven material, decorated with six triangle shapes on the outer edges. At the base of each are highly stylized double-headed snakes biting into the woven band, with their central portion attached to a leg of both the man and women. Another snake in the same fashion is between the couple, forming a lovely circular shape. The two figures are truly extraordinary. They are naked with the exception of thickly woven necklaces and circlets around the knees. In her left hand the woman holds a calabash. A snake emerges from the man's mouth, stretching down to bite into the semi-circular serpent below. In ancient Costa Rica snakes were connected with fertility. It is very likely these two noble figures are involved in a fertility rite, either as primordial ancestors or deities; or representations of living shaman- chiefs. Their pose is regal, appearing as if they are standing in the doorway of a temple before a great crowd. Their sex organs are beautifully and very cleverly designed. The female's is particularly charming; being quite explicit, yet delicately formed by a gentle loop ending in two delightful curls. The entire pectoral is extremely sensual, elegantly erotic, and palpitates with sexual energy made even more powerful by the radiant gold and the pectoral's inner aura which is beyond words. - (FJ.6232)


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