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Pre-Columbian Art / Gold Pendant Featuring Two Crocodiles - FJ.6252
Origin: Costa Rican/Panamanian Border Area
Circa: 500 AD to 1550 AD
Dimensions: 4" (10.2cm) high x 6" (15.2cm) wide
Catalogue: V23
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: Withdrawn....347 grams Trudy

Location: United States
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Symbolism is the most effective and subtle means of depicting abstract ideas in a visual medium. Through art, many layers of meaning can be revealed at once and then explored at leisure to uncover the artist's message. When art is combined with religion, the symbolism is even more enriched. This fabulous pendant is laden with symbolic detail which may never be fully understood. Yet, none of the excitement is lost by virtue of its sheer power and strange beauty. It is composed of two identical zoomorphic figures in the shape of stylized crocodiles. Their heads are virtual masterpieces of abstract design using triangles, spirals and semi-curves in an intricate weave like jungle foliage. There are two snakes looping over the ears, biting into a connecting extension of tightly bond coils. Dragon-like creatures emerge from the crocodiles' mouths, rearing upwards as if breathing fire. The two bodies form the base of the pendant, decorated with a series of three triangular holes and spikes at the neck. The feet are effectively done using coils to give the impression of claws curling around a branch. Both crocodile and snake were significant ritual animals, considered important both in this world and the realm of the supernatural. A pendant such as this one was probably made for and worn by a chief or shaman who used it as a symbol of his power and status in society. Through the art of a master goldsmith we are allowed to feel this power, which shines with its own radiant energy. ....trudy - (FJ.6252)


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