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Indus Valley Fish Pot - SP.592
Origin: Pakistan / Western India
Circa: 3000 BC to 2000 AD
Dimensions: 4.25" (10.8cm) high x 6.75" (17.1cm) wide
Collection: Asian Art
Medium: Terracotta
Condition: Very Fine

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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This pot was found in the Indus Valley (an area that is now known as Pakistan and northwestern India) and is dated circa 3000 – 2000 B.C. There are clear delicately painted decorative motifs around the entire bulbous form. The chocolate brown outlines illustrate two long turquoise and tope colored fish swimming in a sandy colored background and surrounded by inverted heart-shaped water colored petals. Intermittently, stream like illustrations between two banks of vertical lines each run from the lip of the vessel to its middle. The bottom half of the vessel is notably undecorated. While the shape and crafting of the vessel are delicate, with a sensitively molded lip at its opening and its base, one is yet struck by the solidity and strength of this item and that after millennia it remains intact. The pot is thought to be for funerary purposes, containing offerings for the deceased for their provision in the after life. The fact that it is intact, as examples of these artifacts are and that they are often found in sealed tombs attests to this contention. The decorative fish may indicate what at one time was their contents. The stream may imply the journey in the afterlife. - (SP.592)


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