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Wooden Polychrome Sculpture of a Man - X.0108
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 2290 BC to 2155 BC
Dimensions: 12.75" (32.4cm) high
Collection: Egyptian
Medium: Wood

Additional Information: SOLD. Art Logic--Sotheby's (New York) 2003

Location: Great Britain
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Wooden sculptures from Ancient Egypt are exceedingly rare, since fine wood was scarce and expensive. Like most wooden sculpture dating from the Old Kingdom, the arms of this sculpture were carved separately and pegged into place on the torso. This male figure stands with his left leg striding forward in the classic stance of a standing official. The traditional hallmarks of the Old Kingdom style are clearly evident: an elongated, slender body, limbs that lack muscular definition, a slightly oversized head with large eyes, and a narrow chin with a slightly smiling mouth. He holds the triangular- shaped overhang of his long white skirt in his right hand. His left hand hangs open along his side. His hair falls in layers of tight curls around his head, leaving his ears exposed. The wood is painted in a the traditional polychrome, with the body dark red, the hair and eyebrows black, the skirt and fingernails white. In addition, the eyes are brought to life with large black pupils set against the whites of the eyes. While similar sculptures feature hieroglyphic inscriptions that aid in attributing the identity of the figure, this work bears no such inscription, leaving the name of this man a mystery. Who might he have been? A pharaoh? A priest? A scribe? Surely he was someone of tremendous importance and great stature in order to be honored with such a gorgeous rendition of his being.

For a Similar Example, See the Wooden Statue of Metjetji in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO - (X.0108)


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