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HOME : Coin Jewelry : Gold Coin Rings : Gold Ring with Byzantine Gold Coin Depicting Christ Pantokrator
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Gold Ring with Byzantine Gold Coin Depicting Christ Pantokrator - FJ.6620
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 913 AD to 959 AD

Collection: Jewelry
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: sold

Location: United States
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This Ancient Coin Has Been Set in a Modern 18 Karat Gold Ring

Decorating the obverse of this coin is an image of Christ Pantokrator, or Christ depicted as the awesome ruler of the universe. His head is encircled by a cross nimbus as he holds a Bible in his hand. This image was introduced on Byzantine coinage during the reign of Justinian II and would remain the main style for the next one hundred years. Constantine VII and Romanus II appear in the conventional imperial portrait on the reverse, with Constantine designated senior emperor by his position on the left, by his more elaborate dress, and by his slightly larger scale.

Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus spent more than thirty years on the throne before he was able to take power from his regents in A.D. 945; shortly afterward he made his son, Romanus II, co- emperor. Like his father, Leo VI, Constantine was a scholar, and he is best known not for his political or military exploits but for his encyclopedic scholarship and patronage of intellectual pursuits.

This gorgeous ring conveys the splendor and majesty of the Byzantine Empire. Christianity flourished during this era and matured as a religious and social institution as this coin confirms. The beauty of the gold coin is enhanced by the soft hue of the gold ring, engraved with abstract floral decorations on the sides. This splendid ring is a reminder of a time when Christianity dominated the Western world, a time when rulers were as pious as the populace, a time when scholarship, not warfare, was the main focus of the ruling elite.
- (FJ.6620)


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