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HOME : Greek Coins : Ptolemaic Coins : Gold Octadrachm Depicting Queen Arsinoe II
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Gold Octadrachm Depicting Queen Arsinoe II - LC.155
Origin: Alexandria, Egypt
Circa: 276 BC to 261 BC
Weight: 28Grams
Collection: Greek Coins
Medium: Gold
Condition: Extra Fine

Additional Information: Currently in Korea_ 2020.05.14

Location: Great Britain
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Obverse: Veiled Bust of Arsinoe II crowned with a diadem, with hair pulled back and secured in a bun, which is visible beneath her veil. There is a horn curled around her ear. The horn was the symbol of the god Zeus-Ammon and implies that the queen was in fact, a goddess on earth. Inscription: K (die sequence letter)

Reverse: Double cornucopia bound with a fillet, filled with the fruits of Egypt. Inscription: ARSINOES PHILADELPHOU Translation: (coin of) Arsinoe (wife of) Philadelphus.

Arsinoe II was the sister and wife of Ptolemy II Philadelphus, pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt from 283 to 246 BC. Both Arsinoe and Ptolemy II were children of Ptolemy I Soter, the Macedonian Greek general of Alexander the Great who founded the Ptolemaic Kingdom after the death of Alexander, and queen Berenice I, originally from Macedon in northern Greece. Arsinoe was given the unprecedented Egyptian title "King of Upper and Lower Egypt", marking her a full pharaoh from 277 to 270 BC. According to Posidippus of Pella, Arsinoe won three chariot races at the Olympic Games, possibly in 272 BC.

Bibliography: 1. Troxell, Hyla A. 1983. Arsinoe's Non-era. In The American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 28. Page 44 and Plate 7 #4. New York: The American Numismatic Society. 2. Poole, Reginald Stuart. 1883. Catalogue of Greek Coins. The Ptolemies, Kings of Egypt. Page 43 #11. London: The Trustees of the British Museum. 3. Svoronos, J. N. 1904. Ta Nomismata tou Kratous ton Ptolemaion, Meros Deuteron. Page 73 #476 and Plate XV #15, Athens: P. D. Sakellariou - (LC.155)


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