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HOME : Miscellaneous : Beverly Hills : Seven Silver Denarii of Emperor Septimius Severus
Seven Silver Denarii of Emperor Septimius Severus - FJ.6420
Circa: 193 AD to 211 BC

Collection: Roman
Medium: silver/gold

Additional Information: sold

Location: United States
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These Silver Denarii are Set in an 18 Karat Gold Bracelet Born in Lepcis Magna (Africa) to an important family Severus became a senator under emperor Marcus Aurelius, and consul in 190 A.D. A superb soldier, Severus was much loved by his men; and when the moment was right, he was proclaimed emperor with all sixteen Rhine and Danube legions behind him. As emperor he was involved in numerous wars around the empire, often taking his family with him-- his sophisticated wife Julia Domna and son, the future emperor Caracalla. Severus died while on campaign in Britain, leaving for his sons the following advice "not to disagree, give money to the soldiers, and ignore the rest". This beautiful bracelet shows the profile of the emperor at different periods of life, facing right in each coin. The following reverses are from left to right: 1).Fortuna with cornucopia and rudder; 2). Same as previous; 3).Hercules carrying bow and club; 4). Winged Victory holding wreath; 5). Mars carrying spear and trophy; Minerva holding spear and shield: Severus himself on horseback. The beauty of this bracelet is made even more impressive by the shinning coins of a noble emperor. - (FJ.6420)


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