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HOME : Classical Antiquities : Archive : Campanian Red-Figure Amphora
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Campanian Red-Figure Amphora - PF.5359
Origin: Magna Graecia
Circa: 330 BC to 300 BC
Dimensions: 24.75" (62.9cm) high x 9.5" (24.1cm) wide
Collection: Greek
Medium: Terracotta

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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On the obverse of this very fine amphora, a female figure wears a himation with dotted borders and a hood over her head. She holds a phiale (a wide, shallow saucer) that she extends to a youth who is naked except for cloak draped over his arms. He gestures with his right arm extended while carrying a stick in his left. Above them on the neck, a nude youth moves to his right. The reverse shows a draped youth at left holding a phiale in his right hand, facing another nude figure holding a stick. On the neck is a draped female with her hair in a kekryphalos (a cloth for binding the hair). Under the handles and on the shoulders are swirling palmettes and laurel leaves above a wavy meander border that serves as the ground line. This vase is attributed to the Atella Painter who marked the end of Red- figure style vase painting in the Capua area of Campania. At this time the production of vases diminishes, and one of this size and quality is extremely unusual. - (PF.5359)


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