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Yoruba Iron Osun Ematon Staff - PF.4913
Origin: Southwestern Nigeria
Circa: 20 th Century AD
Dimensions: 60" (152.4cm) high x 10" (25.4cm) wide
Collection: African
Medium: Iron

Location: United States
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At night in the Yoruba bush, witches, who have taken the form of birds, gather at the tops of trees. From this vantage point they are able to swoop down upon unsuspecting victims and work their evil. Since many illnesses are attributed to this cause, the diviner-herbalist is not only an expert in medicinal remedies, he is also capable of transforming himself into a bird in order to combat the witches on their own level. This very impressive staff appears to us as an abstract work of art, which in fact it is; yet to the artist, it represents very real elements crucial to the diviner's success. The wonderful summit is like the top of the trees where the witches perch, composed of inverted cones and stylized birds. The shapes twist and turn elegantly and energetically around each other. Climbing upwards towards them is a beautifully created chameleon. This charming creature is able to alter its appearance to escape danger, just as the diviner can transform himself into a bird to battle evil. The power of this staff is both art and magic, occupying a space in time and place all its own, forever exuding mystery and an indefinable beauty. - (PF.4913)


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