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Tairona Gold Pendant - FJ.6060
Origin: Northern Colombia
Circa: 10 th Century AD to 16 th Century AD
Dimensions: 2.5" (6.4cm) high
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Style: Tairona
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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The shaman, cast in glorious gold, sits before us majestically. He appears to be wearing an elaborate ritual costume with headdress, necklace, bracelets and anklets. Notice the beautiful ornate details on the headdress and necklace, including the reverse of the headdress. By the tranquil expression on his face, we may assume that he is in a trance or meditating. Through meditation and the intake of hallucinogenic drugs, the shaman was able to communicate with the supernatural and actually become one with these forces and energies. Thus, the shaman had an exalted leadership status amongst the ordinary natives in the society. The graceful sitting position of the shaman is clearly of importance, yet we lack to fully understand its meaning. The mystery and beauty of this ancient culture remains an enigma. The shaman, priest, nobility who may have worn this fabulous work of art must have made a great statement by his exquisite taste which can only be appreciated by a kindred soul. - (FJ.6060)


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