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Mexican Commemorative Fifty Peso Gold Piece - FJ.4628
Origin: Mexico
Circa: 1947 AD

Collection: Mexican
Medium: Gold

Location: United States
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The coin comprises 37.5 grams of pure gold and was minted in 1947. This superb coin is set in a pendant of 18 karat gold.

Since the dawn of civilization, gold has set the standard for what is rare, precious and beautiful. The great kings of Egypt, Persia, Rome and Peru adorned themselves with gold as a symbol of worldly power and filled their tombs with it for all eternity. In a world where almost everything changes-- where empires rise and fall and fashion comes and goes-- gold is remarkable for the way it retains both its beauty and its value. In any time or place throughout history, this golden token would have been recognized as something precious. On one side it depicts the winged goddess of victory, holding aloft a wreath. On the other it shows the eagle of Mexico tearing apart the serpents of its enemies. Brilliant adornment for those who appreciate the enduring power of a classic.
- (FJ.4628)


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