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Gold Pendant Featuring a Roman Silver Antoninianus of Emperor Probus - FJ.7237
Circa: 276 AD to 282 AD

Collection: Jewelry
Medium: Silver and Gold

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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This genuine Ancient Roman silver coin has been set in a modern 18 Karat gold pendant.

Obverse: IMP C PROBVS AVG; Radiate, Draped, and Cuirassed Bust of the Emperor Facing Right

Reverse: PAX AVGVSTI; Goddess Pax Standing Facing Forward, Head to the Left, Holding a Scepter and an Olive Branch

Probus was one of the more interesting and outstanding of the Roman Emperors. In the tumultuous 3rd century, Probus, like many others, sought his fortune through the military. Unlike others, he rose quickly to become one of the leading generals of the empire. After the death of Florianus, Probus was proclaimed emperor by his troops. His reign was unique not only for its military successes, but also for the economic reforms he initiated, including introducing viticulture into several of the western provinces. Just as remarkable was his good relations with the Roman senate. Had he lived longer, the senate might have regained its former prestige. In the end, Probus' reign was brought to a close by mutinous soldiers who were angry at having been employed on public works instead of military duties. - (FJ.7237)


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