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Bronze Antoninianus of Emperor Diocletian - LC.313
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 284 AD to 305 AD
Weight: 3.9Grams
Collection: Roman Coins
Medium: Bronze

Location: UAE
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Obverse: IMP C C DIOCLETIANVS AVG; Radiate, Draped and Cuirassed Bust of the Emperor Facing Right

Reverse: CONCORDIA MILITVM; Laureate Emperor Standing Right and Holding a Sceptre, Receiving Victory on a Globe from Jupiter, Standing Left and Holding a Sceptre; XXII (in exergue)

Born of humble origins Diocletian became one of the most remarkable men of the Roman world. He possessed the rare mixture of soldierly courage and the diplomacy of a seasoned senator. Nine years after he was proclaimed emperor, he took the unprecedented step of converting his regime into the Tetrarchy, comprising two Augusti (himself and Maximianus), and two Caesars (Constantius I and Galerius). This extraordinary measure was implemented in order to stabilize the empire, and prevent the internecine troubles that had so plagued the imperial throne. Diocletian's reforms in provincial redistribution, military reorganization and monetary changes (resulting in a radical reform of the coinage), were far-reaching and enlightened. It is not so surprising that such a man should decide to relinquish his title and seek quiet retirement at Split in modern Croatia. Though the innovations of Diocletian have passed with time, the senate-house he reconstructed near the Roman Forum and his Dalmatian villa can still be seen. - (LC.313)


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