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Islamic Silver Ring with Coin - FJ.6680
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 17 th Century AD to 18 th Century AD

Collection: Islamic Art
Style: Islamic
Medium: Silver

Additional Information: AS.USA

Location: United States
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The art of metalwork has been one of the principal forms of artistic expression in the Islamic world. Responding to the taste and needs of different social and economic classes, artists continuously explored the technical and decorative potential of their materials to transform simple, functional objects into highly refined works of art. This silver ring is a beautiful example of the mastery of metalwork by Islamic artists, even when working on such a personal, intimate level. Set into the center of this ring is an antique Islamic coin, itself an object of Oriental splendor. The obverse of the coin features a calligraphic text. Because idolatry is forbidden in Islam, much like in Judaism and Christianity, calligraphy developed into one of the highest art forms in the Muslim world. Artists, who were confined to abstract subject matters, sought to transform the words of the Koran themselves into art so that the words of Allah, as transcribed by the profit Mohammed, become as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear. Alongside calligraphy, Muslim artists embraced geometric and floral decorative motifs that filled the bodies of their vessels, the borders of their manuscripts, and stones of their buildings. The silver setting of this ring features intricate incised patterns so that virtually no exposed part of the ring remains unadorned. We can imagine this ring resting on the finger of a wealthy Egyptian centuries ago. Today, it is a stunning symbol of the wealth and beauty of the arts of Islam. - (FJ.6680)


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