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Bactrian Silver Tetradrachm of King Antimachos I - C.2300
Origin: Afghanistan
Circa: 185 BC to 170 BC
Dimensions: 0.375" (1.0cm) high    16.7 Grams
Collection: Numismatics
Medium: Silver

Location: United States
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Obverse, diademed, draped bust of Antimachos I, wearing Kausia; pellet border, surrounding; reverse, ??S???OS T???, right; ?????????, left; Poseidon, draped, standing half-left, holding trident and palm leaf, centre; monogram, in bottom-right field. Antimachos I was a Graeco-Bactrian King that ruled from around 185 to 170 B.C. His dates, known only to us from his coins, have been deduced on the strength of the fact that he applied the suffix T??? (“god”) on his coinage, following the precedent set by his contemporary Antiochus IV, the Seleucid King. Conceived in the Attic standard, Antimachos is shown wearing the Kausia, a broad-brimmed Macedonian hat, a deliberate iconographical link to the Macedonian Kings. Poseidon, the god of the ocean and great rivers is customarily represented on the reverse of Antimachos’ coinage and may well be a reference to the provinces around the Indus River where he may have been a governor. - (C.2300)


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