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Blue and White Vase - PH.0284
Origin: China
Dimensions: 13" (33.0cm) high x 8.5" (21.6cm) wide
Medium: Porcelain

Location: United States
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This beautiful blue-and-white prestige porcelain vessel dates from around the Ming Dynasty, a period that is known for the creation of exquisite blue and white porcelain pieces. The fine details of the cobalt blue and white as well as the delicate craftsmanship of porcelain make these Ming Dynasty vessels highly valuable. Many vessels like this one include elaborate, detailed floral imagery.

The Ming Dynasty, which ruled China between the mid 14th and mid 17th centuries AD, is widely believed to be one of the most definitive and important in China’s long history. Arts and sciences flourished during this time. Advances were made in painting in addition to wood/ivory carving, jade-working, lacquer, and duotone (blue-white) ceramic design and decoration. The most prestigious pieces were presented as diplomatic gifts to Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia. Lesser works flooded the market as trade goods, giving rise to a global obsession with chinoiserie. The major production centers for porcelain items in the Ming Dynasty were Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province and Dehua in Fujian province. The Dehua porcelain factories catered to European tastes by creating Chinese export porcelain by the 16th century, often painting designs direct from bookplates, paintings or other illustrations in order to appeal to a wider European audience. The best items remained as prestigious diplomatic goods, however. - (PH.0284)


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