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Six Bronze Coins of Constantine I - FJ.6099
Origin: Holy Land
Circa: 305 AD to 361 AD

Collection: Roman Bronze Coin Bracelet
Medium: Bronze-Gold

Additional Information: sold

Location: United States
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SIX BRONZE COINS OF THE FOLLOWING EMPERORS (From left to right: Licinius I (Reigned: A.D.308 - 324); Constantius I (A.D.305 - 306);Constantine I (A.D.307-337); Galerius (A.D.305-311); Constantine I; Constantius II (A.D.337-361)

These bronze coins are set in an 18 karat gold bracelet

For centuries the Roman Empire witnessed a succession of emperors who lasted anywhere from a few days to many years. Constantine I (the Great) was one emperor who stood out as a shilling light around which everyone else revolved; just as he does on this lovely bracelet. It is appropriate historically these remarkable men should be grouped together, as they were in real life; sometimes uniting with and other times fighting against each other for control of the Roman world. Constantius I is here as the father of the great Constantine, and also his grandson Constantius II. Licinius I and Galerius were intimately connected with the Constantine family, (the former married the half-sister of Constantine I), though more often as foes than friends. From the inextricable tangle of intrigue and wars, the great Constantine emerged victorious and brought relative peace to the empire. These coins still bear the c1ear images of once powerful men, revealing their characters and individuality reflected in glittering gold.
- (FJ.6099)


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