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7 Silver Denarii of Emperor Geta - FJ.6419
Origin: Holy Land
Circa: 209 AD to 212 AD

Collection: Roman Silver Coin Bracelet
Medium: Silver-Gold

Location: United States
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These Silver Denarii are Set in an 18 Karat Gold Bracelet

Geta was the youngest son of emperor Septimius Severus and Julia Domna. Born in Rome he was given the rank of 'most noble Caesar' at the age of nine, at the same time his elder brother Caracalla was elevated to Augustus. Unfortunately the brothers were bitter enemies, and it is said their father embarked on his campaign in Britain in order to discipline them in the art of warfare and brotherly love. Upon the emperor's death while in York, Geta and Caracalla ruled jointly for twelve months before Geta was murdered. Compared to Caracalla, Geta was mild mannered and gentle, qualities which endeared him to many, and here revealed on these lovely coins. They show the young emperor facing right, each one offering a slightly different expression. The reverses are as follows left to right: 1) Janus holding spear and thunderbolt. 2) Geta standing beside trophy. 3) Same as before. 4). Trophies of war. 5). Same as 2 & 3. 6).Genius holding patera and corn ears. 7) Same as before. The beauty of these coins is the image of youth, forever radiant and immune from the ravages of time.
- (FJ.6419)


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