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Bronze Sculpture of Harpokrates - X.0002
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 713 BC to 60 BC
Dimensions: 4.625" (11.7cm) high
Collection: Egyptian
Medium: Bronze

Additional Information: SOLD. Art Logic--Safani Gallery Inc. (New York) 2003

Location: United States
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Harpokrates, literally meaning “Horus the Child,” is the god Horus depicted as a child, distinguished from the various other forms of this popular god. Horus, son of Isis, was conceived after his father Osiris was resurrected. He would grow to avenge his father’s death, and as such, Horus was a symbol of victory and the kingship, the deification of the earthly Pharaoh. In the form of Harpokrates, Horus represented both the royal heir and the newborn sun. Here, he is depicted in his traditional form, naked, symbolizing his innocence, with the index finger of his right hand held up to his mouth. This gesture was understood to signify childhood much as sucking one’s thumb is still to this day. He wears the double crown of Lower and Upper Egypt adorned by a uraeus cobra, revealing his association with the earthly pharaohs. A braided lock falls from the side of his crown. This was the traditional coiffure for youths in ancient Egypt: a shaved head with a side-lock. He holds his left hand outwards as if to accept offering that would have once been laid in front of this work. Over the centuries, the bronze has acquired a patina rich in red and green hues, a testament to the work’s age. When gazing at this gorgeous sculpture, it is easy to understand why Harpokrates became such a popular diety, later assimilated into the Greek and Roman pantheons. Could there be a more powerful concept than the combination of youth and divine immortality? - (X.0002)


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