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Pre-Columbian Art / Winged Buzzard Effigy Vessel - PF.4292
Origin: Costa Rica
Circa: 500 AD to 800 AD
Dimensions: 32" (81.3cm) high
Collection: Precolumbian
Medium: terracotta

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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This charming buzzard vessel depicts the grace of an artist's hand and shows the skill that is needed to create a work of art. The face is very pronounced and spectacular. The eyes and beak are exaggerated. This gives the effect of complete alertness as he ascends from the sky to approach the kill. The beak is in a deep burnish red color and highlighted by black lines. The beak is also partially open giving voice to the buzzard. The nostrils are elevated from the beak. The eyes are burgundy-red and the eyelids are red. These qualities give life to this vessel. The other features that make this piece stand out from others is the head gear that the buzzard is wearing. The symbolic design is very similar to our cross. It is done in a red color and is also highlighted by black lines. The other important feature are the tribal markings on the belly. It is done in geometric designs. This piece has no drawings or decorations on the back and therefore was meant to be seen only from the front. Collectively, the piece is alive with emotion and character, signifying a true work of art. - (PF.4292)


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