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Roman Carnelian Intaglio - FJ.6283
Origin: Israel
Circa: 100 AD to 300 AD

Collection: Roman
Medium: Carnelian-Gold

Location: United States
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Mounted in a 18 Karat Gold Ring

The wearing of rings became so popular in the early Roman Empire that guilds of ring makers were established in Rome. It is likely their use was not restricted to the upper classes and on1y the quality of materials differed, from gold worn by the nobility to legs expensive iron and lead. Certain writers of the period complained some people wore too many rings, even several on one finger. The Roman general Pompey had a fine collection of rings taken from the spoils of Mithridates. Yet, despite certain trends of ostentation, elegant rings were used for betrothal in the same way they are today. This lovely ring bas a beautifully carved stork engraved upon it. The bird is seen full figure and with considerable detail. Its feet are slightly off ground level which gives it the impression of walking. In the ancient world birds were believed to carry messages from the gods. The message from this handsome ring is like an elegant voice from the past, wishing the wearer much joy and happiness.
- (FJ.6283)


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