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Silver Coin of King Alexander the Great & a Coin of Emperor Hadrian - FJ.5441
Origin: Israel
Circa: 336 BC to 323 BC

Collection: Greek/Roman Coin Earrings
Medium: Silver/Gold

Additional Information: Mounted in a beautiful pair of 18K gold earrings.
Location: United States
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Alexander III, king of Macedon and later king of Persia was the most legendary and visionary leader the world has ever known. He was born in 356 B.C., the son of Philip II of Macedon and his headstrong queen Olympias. While Alexander was growing up, his father was bringing Greece under Macedonian hegemony, with the ultimate goal of destroying the Persian Empire. In addition to extensive military training, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle. Relations between his father and mother were often strained and both Alexander and Olympias have sometimes been implicated in the assassination of Philip II in 336 B.C. at this time, Alexander became ruler of Macedon and leader of the unified invasion force against Persia. He led his army across the Hellespont in 334 B.C. and won decisive victories, leading to the downfall of the Persian king Darius III. Alexander conquered Egypt and founded a new city, Alexandria, which became one of the great capitals of antiquity. Alexander and his army marched as Far East as India and created one of the largest empires ever known. Alexander died at the age of thirty-three and his kingdom was divided among his followers. P. Aelius Hadrianus was born at Italica in Spain in 76 A.D. having lost his father at the age of ten; he was placed under the care of the future roman emperor Trajan. He eventually embarked on a military career and married Trajan’s grandniece, indicating that Trajan was grooming him as an heir. Hadrian was appointed governor of Syria during Trajan’s Parthian war, and was adopted by the emperor shortly before the latter's death. Much of Hadrian’s reign was spent in visiting the provinces of his empire where he greatly improved its defenses. In Rome he co-designed and built the spectacular temple of the pantheon; in Athens he finished the temple of Olympian Zeus and erected a library. There is little doubt that he was one of the most capable emperors who ever occupied the throne. His rule was, for the most part, firm and humane and he was an important patron of the arts. He died at Baiae on July 10, 138 A.D. after a long illness. His hand-chosen heir, antoninus plus, succeeded him. - (FJ.5441)


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