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Two Silver Denarii - FJ.5842
Origin: Holy Land
Circa: 100 BC to 1 BC

Collection: Roman Republican Silver Coin Earrings
Medium: Silver/18K Gold

Additional Information: sold
Location: United States
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The denarius was the most important coin in ancient Rome. Frequent mention is made of the denarius in Holy Scripture, where it is spoken of as the daily wage of a laborer, and also as tribute money. On denarii struck during the late Republic, the types depended on the will of the consular magistrates, and later the monetal triumvirs. These two beautiful coins, minted separately, show the head of the goddess Roma wearing her famous winged helmet. On the reverse Victory drives her chariot at full speed. On the smaller of the two coins is the inscription AFCA, which signifies it was minted for the provinces of Northern Africa. This coin was also known as a bigae, which is the name given a chariot drawn by two horses. The legend ROMA stands boldly underneath. On the other denarius is an X with a horizontal line through the center, situated behind the goddess, showing it was issued under orders of a consul. These two coins are rich in Roman history, still vibrant and alive with meaning, certain to attract attention as they have done for centuries. - (FJ.5842)


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