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Basalt Sculpture of a Skull - PF.3250
Origin: Costa Rica
Circa: 500 AD to 1000 AD
Dimensions: 8" (20.3cm) high
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Basalt

Location: United States
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This large stone sculpture is a marvelous depiction of a human skull. Though larger than life and sculpted in a minimal style, the stone skull is proportionately correct. The deep, hollow eye sockets that are shadowed are mysterious and austere. Its hollow nose, realistic cheekbones and teeth make the viewer feel as if they are staring into a real skull. Although it is realistic, the skull emanates the esoteric mysteriousness of death and the life after, the concept humanity has been fascinated with from the ancient times. The stone skull has round indentations on both sides of the head and the top middle portion of the head. It is not certain what these indentations signify but they most likely had important symbolic meaning or function. As we look at this marvelous stone skull, we wonder if it is sculpted after a specific individual or if it is a symbolic rendition of death or the dead. Or perhaps it is a representation of the God of death or the dead. With its strong sense of physical presence and power, the stone sculpture seems to radiate its enigmatic energy into the air and space that surround it. And such powerful quality would be appreciated timelessly, as it has been from ancient times. - (PF.3250)


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