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Gold Ring Featuring a Seleucid Silver Coin of King Demetrius II - FJ.5178
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 146 BC to 140 BC

Collection: Coin Jewelry
Medium: Silver, Gold

Additional Information: The coin was found in Israel.
Location: UAE
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This genuine Ancient Greek silver coin has been mounted in a modern 18 karat gold ring.

The elder son of Demetrius I Soter, Demetrius II was put on the throne of the Seleucid Empire after the overthrow of the usurper Alexander Balas. He was married to Cleopatra Thea, who had been the wife of balas and was later to marry Demetrius' brother Antiochus vii while Demetrius was held captive in Parthia. The first reign of Demetrius was marred by civil war which this boy king could do little to stop. At the age of twenty he began a series of military campaigns against the powerful Parthian empire, and though he met with some success, in 140 he was taken prisoner and sent to the Parthian court, where he remained for ten years as a hostage. In 129 B.C., Demetrius II was released from captivity in the hope that his asserting his right to the Seleucid throne would cause a civil war and divert the attention of the army away from a Parthian campaign. The death of his brother Antiochus VII left Demetrius, unexpectedly, the sole ruler with Cleopatra Thea once more as his queen. His second reign was not much more successful than the first. Revolt broke out with numerous pretenders claiming power. After being defeated in battle near Damascus in 125, Demetrius was killed on orders from his wife, who then assumed power herself.

This stunning coin, struck during the first reign of Demetrius II, features the regal image of an eagle on one side, while the other side depicts the diademed head of Demetrius II. Framed in a radiant gold ring, this striking coin is an emblem of the character and imagination of this exciting period in ancient Seleucid history.
- (FJ.5178)


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