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Two Bronze Coins of The Procurator of Judaea Antonius Felix - FJ.5414
Origin: Israel
Circa: 52 AD to 60 AD

Collection: Jewish Coin Cufflinks
Medium: Bronze/Gold

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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Following the exile of Herod Archelaus in 6 A.D., Judea was annexed to the roman province of Syria and ruled by a procurator, or governor, appointed by the roman emperor. Antonius Felix, one of the procurators of Judea, issued coins during only two of the nine years of his Procuratorship. The first time was in the third year of his tenure, which corresponds to the fourteenth year of the reign of emperor Claudius. The second coin issue, two stunning examples of which are featured in these cufflinks, was in his seventh year in office, which corresponds to the fifth year of the reign of Nero. These coins bear a Palm branch, ancient symbol of both victory and fertility, surrounded by a Greek inscription. The reverse side of the coins features a Greek inscription within a wreath tied at the bottom with an x. These bronze coins, with their Potent symbolic imagery, afford us a dramatic window into the past, into a period that has molded the events of mankind for centuries. - (FJ.5414)


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