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Hematite Intaglio Ring Engraved with a Standing Deity - FJ.6280
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 300 AD to 600 AD

Collection: Intaglio Jewelry
Medium: Hematite, Gold

Location: United States
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Mounted in a 18 Karat Gold Ring

The Gnostics believed that certain elect souls were divine sparks temporarily imprisoned in the body awaiting a redeemer sent by God. Their faith incorporates philosophical ideas from many sources, including late Jewish apocalyptic doctrine, the dialogues of Plata and Christianity. This ring of Gnostic origins may have a link with the religion of ancient Egypt as well in the figure of the god Anubis. Like the one engraved here it shows the god with a human body and a jackal or dog's head. As god of the underworld Anubis conducted the judgment of the dead. The abject he holds in his right hand may symbolize a ladder from the underworld to heaven. In antiquity hematite was used as an amulet against bleeding, and because of its reflective shine, also as mirrors. The power emanating from this intaglio is full of mystery and wonder, just as the religion from which its design was inspired.
- (FJ.6280)


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