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Pre-Columbian Art / Gold Pendant Featuring Two Crocodiles - FJ.6208
Origin: Macaracas, Panama
Circa: 8 th Century AD to 12 th Century AD
Dimensions: 3.75" (9.5cm) high x 3.25" (8.3cm) wide
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: sold 300 grams

Location: United States
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The iconography of gold objects from Panama often take the form of animals with very realistic detail. The style of this superb pendant is both real and super-real, characteristic of the goldsmiths of Macaracas. It is composed of two crocodiles holding onto bars front and back with their feet. An intersting feature is the outside front feet have a thick loop under the bar attached to the fore leg. Their heads are beautifully shaped with slight humps where the eyes would be. The beautiful rows of menacing teeth seem to have been modelled on close observation, and each set is nearly identical with those of its companion. Their tails twist upwards in a perky way, curling at the ends where square plaques are fastened to hooks. These are exactly as those in the middle of the body and on the head. Perhaps they were intended to jangle when in motion, provinding an attractive sound like chimes. The crocidiles appear to be in a state of vigilant rest; watchful and on guard. They are like sentinels before a temple or guardians at the gate of another realm. Their supernatural quality is nonetheless contrasted with an irresistible texture, particularly evident in the slim band running down the center of each crocodile from nose to tail resmbling scutes. The entire object is so powerful it transcends ornamentaion, lifting us effortlessly by its inner own radiance to another level of being. Only works of art have the ability to do this, and when such objects are of gold, the feeling of transendence is beyond compare. - (FJ.6208)


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