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Silver Tetradrachm of the Alexandrine Empire - FJ.5336
Origin: Northern Syria
Circa: 328 BC to 280 BC

Catalogue: V12
Collection: Jewelry
Medium: Silver-Gold

Additional Information: Sold

Location: United States
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Mounted in a beautiful 24 karat gold ring.

The main mint in Alexander the Great's far east empire has been attributed to Babylon, an exceedingly productive mint, second only to the main Macedonian mint in providing the regular issues of coinage. A number of local types of coinage were issued from Babylon, begun under the reign of Alexander the great and continuing under his successors. A particularly stunning coin is that of the lion series, minted in the name of Mazaeus, the governor of Babylon appointed as such by Alexander. In this radiant example we see on one side a brilliant rendering of a striding lion, a characteristic Mesopotamian symbol of power and strength. Above the lion a pentagram appears. On the reverse side appears the seated image of the Mesopotamian deity Baal, the god of natural forces. In his right hand he holds a scepter, symbol of imperial supremacy. Powerful symbolism and radiant beauty combine in this ancient alexandrine coin to give us a unique legacy of ancient Mesopotamia, at a time when Alexander the Great’s influence held sway with a potency that would change the course of history forever.
- (FJ.5336)


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