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Gold Ring with a Banded Agate Stone Depicting Pegasus - FJ.3746
Origin: Found in Israel
Circa: 100 AD to 300 AD

Collection: Jewelry
Medium: Agate, Gold

Additional Information: This Beautiful Ancient Intaglio Has Been Set in a Modern 18-karat Gold Ring
Location: United States
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Pegasus, the magical and mythical horse with wings, is engraved in this beautiful banded agate stone. The ancient artist who created this intaglio did so with love and joy. The horse is gallantly flying by us in the dark evening sky of the colored agate while the white agate creates a light "halo effect" which frames Pegasus. Pegasus symbolizes the heightening power of the natural forces. It symbolizes the innate capacity for spiritual growth and for transforming evil into good. Agate, as well, is known for giving victory and strength to its owner and makes the wearer agreeable and persuasive. Agate possesses more wonderful virtues, for its wearer is guarded from all dangers and endowed with a bold heart. Wearing agate is even believed to be a cure for insomnia and is thought to insure pleasant dreams. We can imagine the noble person who proudly wore this beautiful intaglio during a time of great artistic achievement in all areas of art, including sculpture, painting, metallurgy, glass blowing and architecture. Now, this special relic from the past will be possessed by such a noble person in the present who will benefit from the fortune and protection which it brings. - (FJ.3746)


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