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HOME : Coin Jewelry : Archive : Phoenician Silver Tetradrachm from Aradus
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Phoenician Silver Tetradrachm from Aradus - FJ.5161
Origin: Israel
Circa: 128 BC to 127 BC

Catalogue: V11
Collection: Roman Coin Rings
Medium: Silver-Gold

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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Aradus was an important city of northern Phoenicia, the city itself occupying an island but controlling an extensive area on the mainland. This extraordinary silver coin, with its dynamic imagery, befits coinage struck by this vital and exciting town. On one side appears the turreted and veiled head of Tyche, the ancient goddess of fortune. The name tyche comes from the verb tynchano, meaning "to hit", and reflects in it various shades of meaning, such as "to hit on by chance", "obtain", "chance to be" and the like. In other words the "hit" or fortune could be good or bad. Tyche played an important role in situations where chance really mattered, as in seafaring. Since the Phoenicians were a sea- going people, Tyche was a most important deity, at times influencing entire cities such as the island town of Aradus. The reverse side of this stunning coin features the standing image of Nike, the ancient goddess of victory. In her hands she holds a palm and an aphlaston, the decorative ornament that adorns the stern of ancient Mediterranean ships. This image together with an inscription, is surrounded by a laurel wreath. The powerful symbolism on this coin can still be experienced today, linking us with the age old hopes and desires of the seafaring Phoenicians. Their goddess Tyche has truly brought us good fortune by placing this spirited emblem of centuries ago, in our hands. - (FJ.5161)


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