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Gold Aureus of Roman Emperor Tiberius - FJ.5345
Origin: Israel
Circa: 14 AD to 37 AD

Catalogue: V11
Collection: Roman Gold Coin Rings
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: Sold

Location: United States
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This Gold Aureus is Mounted in an 18 Karat Gold Ring.

Tiberius was the son of Ti.Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla. By the age of four his mother had married Octavian (the future emperor Augustus), and was thus part of a soon to be royal family. He proved himself an able soldier and was responsible for many military successes, including the conquest of the Alps and suppressing revolts in Germany. Though often away from Rome, his political career also flourished. When Augustus died (A.D.14), Tiberius became sole emperor and reigned during the time of Christ. He was known as a forceful orator, a poet, connoisseur, and a man of high intellect. Though perhaps more popular with his soldiers than with courtiers and senators, Tiberius was noted for his humor and sense of irony. He was a unique man in an extraordinary age; much as the person who chooses to wear such a dramatic and beautiful ring.
- (FJ.5345)


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