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Pre-Columbian Art / Gold Pendant of a Crocodile - FJ.5338
Origin: Costa Rica
Circa: 700 AD to 1550 AD
Dimensions: 3" (7.6cm) depth
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Gold

Location: United States
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As its name implies, Costa Rica has been noted for its gold since the moment of European discovery. "The quality of gold that abounds here is very great and of good karat..." These are the words of the 16th century Spanish explorer Diego de Sojo, written after he experinced the extensive and exquisite gold craftsmanship of ancient Costa Rica. Today this artistic heritage can be enjoyed through such masterpieces as this gold crocodile pendant. Fashioned in a highly stylized manner that emphasizes the reptiles's powerfully long snout, sharp teeth and aquatic legs and feet, this remarkable creature epitomizes the Costa Rican goldsmith's exceptional craftsmanship and creativity, highlighted in this ancient reptile, imbue the crocodile pendant with a mythical sirit that eclipses the passage of time. Today, just as in the past, the energy and dynamism displayed in this pendant can be felt and understood on a visceral level as well as in the realm of the aeshetic. - (FJ.5338)


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