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Pre-Columbian Art / Tairona Gold Nose Ring - FJ.6201
Origin: Colombia
Circa: 600 AD to 1600 AD
Dimensions: 3.25" (8.3cm) high x 4.5" (11.4cm) wide
Catalogue: V23
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: sold 128 grams

Location: United States
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The Tairona gold jewelry constitutes some of the most beautiful, intricate and exciting of all Pre- Columbian gold works of art. Tairona goldsmiths used the lost-wax casting technique. However, the objects were not made in repetitive series; rather, each mold was a unique individual creation and often very elaborate. Their jewelry was made for long term use; and diadems, nose ornaments and necklaces often show signs of wear and abrasion. Gold played an important role not only as attractive ornaments, but also as ritual devices and outward signs of prestige. This gorgeous nose-ring is in the 'butterfly' style typical of the region. These rings were intentionally designed to distort or alter the face and make the mouth area a different shape and color, possibly signifying the jaguar-man. This explains why it is so large and heavy. The inner part is divided in the center by an indentation bordered by two double bands on both sides. This forms the connection for the lovely spiral curves; beginning as small ones at the base, shooting straight along the sides ending in large spirals at the upper corners. Though this nose ring had a practical purpose strange to us, the object itself as pure art transcends practicality to become something pure and delicate--like the wings of a butterfly. - (FJ.6201)


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